What To Bring

Bike, shoes, riding clothes, and payment. A typical bike fit takes under 3 hours from start to finish. We spend the time to fit you to your bike correctly. Please allow adequate time for this process.

Please bring clean a bike or bikes to the fit. We will be taking a bunch of body measurements on you throughout the process. You will need to be dressed in your riding gear. Chamois is preferred, but we can take your measurements in anything skin tight. Baggy riding pants are not the easiest to measure you in. Please bring a long and short sleeve short and jersey. Morning and Fall/Spring/Winter fits can be a bit cooler temperature. Clean bike shoes please–If you could also clean out your cleats from dirt and road grime prior to coming in. It is highly recommended that you bring in new cleats for the fit if your current cleats are worn in the least.

It is recommended to bring any extra stems in longer and shorter sizes if you have any extras laying around. Seat posts (layback or non-layback) are a great idea too if you have any just sitting around. We usually end up moving the saddle fore or aft thus changing your effective reach which usually requires a different stem. Not to worry, the Pro Bike Center has stems and seat posts for sale too. If you are wondering wether or not to bring you helmet, you can leave it at home this time.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to get the answer from us before you come in. We are here to improve your riding! You will leave the PBC with more comfort and power if we get our way…