National Champion

The Wobble Nought bike fit was preformed by Rodrigo and Henry at Rodrigo’s place of business Diamond Peak Physical Therapy. There are few things that you can do that will increase both your power, form, and comfort on the bike. Having the correct fit is one of the most important, and I have never had a better fit before doing it with the Wobble Nought Fitting. I would highly recommend this fit for anyone that wishes to improve their power or just their comfort on the bike.

Kevin Mullervy

I have never had a professional bike fit before I went to Wobble Naught to get dialed in. I just figured if I could get close enough I would be fine, but was I wrong. At the beginning of last year I started to get knee problems and it took me off the bike for a few days and that killed me. But once I got the fit no knee problems. I have had a few weeks now to ride my new bike fit and I have never felt so comfortable and powerful on my bike. I have been doing a lot of big base miles right now and even had the opportunity to race a stage race last week and was very surprised how I felt on the bike. I had a 70 min crit and am in the drops for the majority of the race and usually my lower back gets pain but after the first hard crit of the year I had no pain. I am so glad I took the time to get the fit right and the guys at Wobble Naught really know what they are doing and they love what they do and it really shows. If you need a bike fit or any help in position on the bike contact these guys it will help you and your pain go away. Thanks Wobble Naught.


I have ridden the bike a few times already on the trainer and even got to take it out last weekend. It feels great! The best part is that I no longer have ANY pain in my knee. Even when I lift weights my knee feels great which I attribute to the bike fit being perfect!