Bike Fit

Skiler 2010 National Champion

Fit a bike for $350.

  • Fit by a pro
  • Power Analysis With CompuTrainer
  • Precision laser fitting
  • Increase power/wattage/efficiency
  • Analysis of muscular power output
  • Pedaling Biomechanics
  • Custom Footbeds
  • Cleat alignment
  • WobbleNaught
  • Physical Therapy assessment available

TT or Tri Bike Fit $450. These fits are more extensive and take more time to dial in the aero bars. We adhere to UCI rules and regulations for competition.

* We do not take credit cards.

Additional Fit Products Available

Additional Cleat Placement (for a second pair or spare shoes) $20.00

Various parts (washers, spacers, bolts, pads, screws, bolts, etc) are available to customize your fit to your personal needs.

Saddles, handlebars, bar tape, and grips are also for sale