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New Belgium Short Track

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Last Saturday, April 23rd, the crew at New Belgium Brewery (NBB) and some other volunteers got together at the New Belgium grounds to get the course ready for the NBB Short Track Spring series. This year we decided to do a challenging, fun and diverse circuit that will delight of racers and spectators. The Series will take place starting on April 26th and continues every Tuesday for the following four weeks.

Working Hard

The Dirt MovingIn these images you can see the crew working to get the course ready. We built a rhythm section, where technical riders can take advantage of the terrain and fly (in some cases literally, you have many double jumps). Another new feature for this years version of the series is the Tree Section behind the volley ball courts. This is going to be challenging and requires a lot of power and ability to peddle thru very rough terrain. Finally, we place the course thru a little bit of mud, dead leaves and roots which always make a great combination and a fun section for the riders.

I hope that you can make it to the races. The location is at the NBB grounds and starts this week! Remember, we have now a beer garden that you can sample some of the brews from NBB and see how everyone else is suffering in the course.



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